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Coaster Quest

Dutch Thrill Seeker

Zadra at Energylandia, Poland


My name is Britt, a 28 year old theme park enthusiast from the Netherlands. Since I was a kid I really loved rollercoasters. My first ever inversion on a rollercoaster was on Python at the Efteling, like many other Dutchies. Currently I have 110+ coaster credits, mostly from Europe and I'm working my way towards 200 credits.

My favorite coasters are the ones that are relentless. Preferably in the backrow! I will reride a coaster in several seats, if possible, to find the best experience. For example: Untamed (Walibi Holland) is absolutely amazing in the backrow in the afternoon. 

I've been watching channels like Theme Park Worldwide and Coaster Studies for years, enjoying everything they do and talk about. Watching these kind of videos makes me even more excited to travel around to visit Theme Parks. To contain my excitement I decided to write about my experiences and travels!

As of 2022 I have started travelling around Europe to visit different Theme Parks. Having done basically all Dutch theme parks, I felt a bit unsatisfied.. I was looking for more thrill rides. I do really enjoy parks like the Efteling and Toverland, but I'm looking for that one feeling in a coaster.. The feeling of your heart beating and your stomach floating. 

Planning a trip to another country to visit a park is quite some work. I love gathering information, creating a travel itinerary and read all about the park I'm going to. And the suspense towards the actual trip, yes!! 


There are a lot of Theme Parks I want to visit and I made it my goal to finish my list of European parks.


Hence I am.. on a quest. 

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