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I Regret This So Much

When will you ever hear a coaster enthusiast say they regret something? Right, when they didn't make the most out of their trip. And that is exactly what happened to me in May 2018. To this day, I regret almost every decision I made back then. What did I think and why did I do it?

For this story, we need to go back to around april 2018. I had just graduated University and applied for several jobs. Actually, I had three jobs to chose from. But one of them had a really cool start of the traineeship, they'd send all Young Professional to the United States for three weeks. Easy choice right? So at May 1st I started my job at this company and only five days later I was on my way to the USA. The company works together with the Ohio University when it comes to Young Professional traineeships. So off we went to Athens, Ohio for three weeks.

Right before we left, they told us we'd have free time on the weekends and we could do whatever we want. As long as we would be back on time for our work on monday mornings. They suggested a couple of things to do in the area and further away. As a coaster enthusiast I always dreamed of going to Cedar Point, Sandusky. I figured out this would never happen, as I didn't see myself travelling to the USA in the near future. Well, jokes on me.. Cause there I was, in Ohio. It took me a couple of days to realize that Cedar Point wasn't actually too far away from our hotel. So I gathered my colleagues and asked who would want to join me for a day. After some research and planning, we drove 3.5 hours to Cedar Point with 9 colleagues.

At this point I hadn't heard of Kings Island, which would have been quite a lot closer to Athens. My brain had only ever registered one theme park in the USA: Cedar Point. Little did I know. But fair enough, Cedar Point has a lot of notable rides for a coaster enthusiast! Arriving at the parking lot was unreal, it felt like a dream. Funnily enough we were given Ohio University cards, which gave us a $40 discount on entry! The day started cold and rainy and crowds were not an issue.

The first ride we did was GateKeeper and I remember one of my colleagues being scared as shit. But weirdly enough I cannot recall anything of the ride. Did I enjoy it? Probably.. But I can't remember? As if I was there, but I was not there? Next thing I remember is riding Wicked Twister, yes that now defunct Intaming Impulse coaster. I do remember that ride being quite forceful.

And to be honest? The rest of the day is a blur in my memory. A few things I remember doing are: a really fast horse caroussel, a slow car ride, some wooden coaster that cracked my neck in the last turn and Valravn with the whole group to end the day. I do clearly remember standing next to Top Thrill Dragster, watching the fear in the riders eyes before they were launched to infinity and beyond. And I do remember I chickened out on that ride! Why? Why did I chicken out... This is one of the things I regret.

But what I regret the most? Not riding Steel Vengeance. I kid you not, I did not ride Steel Vengeance. I repeat: I did NOT ride Steel Vengeance. WHY?! One of the best rides on earth currently, I was there.. And it didn't do it. Same goes for Millenium Force, Maverick and Magnum XL-200. I have seen them, my brain registered them, but I didn't ride them. And I can't, for the love of god, remember why. As I said, this whole day feels like a blur in my memory. I was there but I didn't actively experience the day? It's like my brain didn't cooperate that day.

I have almost zero pictures or footage of that day, except for this picture of GateKeeper and a selfie in a queue (I don't even know for which coaster?!). This day will live on in my brain like it never happened, like it was a vague dream. One of the very few chances I had to experience a park like Cedar Point and I didn't make the most out of it. Going to the USA is not on my list in the near future, just because it is expensive as heck. Maybe one day I will redeem myself and ride every single coaster at Cedar Point.. Maybe one day..

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