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Review: Energylandia - Poland's Rollercoaster Capital

Bijgewerkt op: 5 sep. 2023

If you are a rollercoaster enthusiast like me, you might have heard of Energylandia in Poland. With a total of 17 rollercoasters it definitely holds the record of most coasters in a themepark in Europe. And they are not done yet! Energylandia keeps building new exciting coasters and with the Sweet Valley area opening in 2024, 2 new coasters will be added to the list. Be sure to visit this park because it is awesome!

The entrance of Energylandia looks like a big castle with the park logo and a clock on it
Energylandia Entrance

Mind you, this park only opened in 2014 and has been adding new rides every single year. You might wonder how and why, but Energylandia is heavily subsidized by the government. Being located close to Krakow makes it a great tourism attraction. And that is exactly what they're trying to achieve, attract more people to Poland and thus more tourism.

I had only heard of this park somewhere back in 2018 and figured out I'd never visit it, because who is going to travel to Poland with me to visit a theme park? In 2019 I actually did a roadtrip through Poland, seeing loads of ads for Energylandia.. But didn't visit because my father is not into themeparks. Fast forward a few years and somehow I had managed to find a group of colleagues willing to go to Poland for this park!

And on 19 september 2022, the day had come. We had traveled all the way from the Netherlands to Poland by car the day before (14 hours drive!). Our plan was to visit Energylandia on a monday and tuesday, figuring out there were no school vacations in this period. We pulled up on the parking lot and parked really close to the entrance, are we really that early? The park had already opened and we made our way through the entrance. Right next to the entrance (you can't miss it, really) is Hyperion, the Intamin Mega Coaster. Standing at 76m tall this thing is terrifying! We immediately saw the few people that were in the park rushing to the Hyperion entrance, so we decided to walk to the back and start there. Don't forget, this park is massive! Walking all the way to the back of the park takes about 20 minutes.

Energylandia gives real Rollercoaster Tycoon vibes. Like when you start building your first park and have no idea about theming, just plunk down random rides and guests are happy? That is exactly what the first part of the park looks like. The further down you go, the more experience they got with theming. Not gonna lie, the back of the park is absolutely gorgeous!

Making our way to the back, we decided to ride Zadra first. You know, that well known epic RMC? It's now 10:30am and we haven't done any rides yet, so we just went for it. Zadra deserves the award for absolute longest queue line walk ever!! Holy hell, that felt like a marathon. Before we could catch our breaths, we were already on the train. Remember I mentioned something about parking close to the entrance? Yeah... this park was absolutely deserted and rides were walk on.

And what a way to begin the day! You bet we were wide awake after that ride. Zadra is an insanely paced RMC that will leave you breathless (quite literally, this thing slams into the final brakes fullspeed). Close to Zadra you'll find one of the newest areas, Atlantis. The awesome Abyssus launch coaster is locate here. The theming in this area is beautiful, very steampunk-ish, it made me think of BioShock actually.

As I said, Energylandia currently has 17 rollercoasters. Kiddie coasters included ofcourse. Next to that, there is quite a lot of water rides and flat rides. One thing this park really lacks, is a dark ride. Energylandia has, I kid you not, exactly one dark ride. And it is the saddest and worst dark ride you'll ever experience. I'm talking about the ghost train ride, that has no animatronics and NO music. Nothing. I think they got this thing donated for free or something, I certainly hope they didn't spend too much money on it.

One thing I wish every themepark had, is the locker system that Energylandia uses! Damn that shit works perfect! You buy a wristband for the whole day and scan it to open a locker. Sounds good right? Let's make it even better. Cause those lockers are at every single big ride in the park. Literally, all of them. Halfway down the queue you will find those lockers, scan your band, get rid of your stuff and off you go. Done with the ride? Halfway down the exit, you'll find the same lockers but now you are on the other side! Scan it, locker opens, get your stuff and you are ready to go to the next ride.

We spend a total of 3 full days at this park and enjoyed every single minute. On the third day it was mostly a lot of rerides and finding the best seat in all the coasters. I recommend going at least 2 days to make the most of it. This park never really gets insane queue times, so don't worry about that. Another positive thing is the prices, Poland is a cheap country being in Eastern Europe. For a total of 5 days, including travel, hotel, entry fees and food/drinks, we spend about €350-€400 per person.

Energylandia really blew me away, even though it is not a heavily themed park like the Efteling, Europapark or Disney. This park focuses on thrill rides, expanding and more thrill rides. So for all those adrenaline junkies, this is the way to go! Just Zadra, Hyperion and Abyssus alone are reason to travel to Poland. Currently Zadra is my number 1 favorite coaster and I will definitely be coming back to this park. Maybe when the Vekoma Tilt Coaster finally opens ;)

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