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Toverland Is Taking Over Europe Real Fast

With the massive expansions from the last few years, Toverland is quickly becoming a real threat for other Theme Parks nearby. What started as a small indoor playground, is now growing to be a real big player in Theme Park world. Does this park have what it takes to be the best European theme park?

Back in 2001, Toverland opened as an indoor playground for families. One of their first attractions was the Toos Express rollercoaster, which is still operating nowadays. Due to great success, Toverland quickly expanded with a second indoor hall in 2004 and their first outdoor ride, Booster Bike. I believe this coaster really helped with their success, as Booster Bike was the world's first Vekoma motorbike coaster! In 2007 Toverland opened wooden coaster Troy, which to this day holds the record for fastest, longest and quickest woodie of the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg). In the next years Toverland massively invested in decorations and theming and added another new coaster, Dwervelwind.

While attendance was growing over the first few years, it started to stagnate around 2014-2017. That was the exact moment Toverland announced their biggest investment yet, which would increase the park's size with more than 40%! With the newest areas opening in 2018, the park quickly became a notable theme park for visitors all over the world. As of 2023, Toverland expanded even more and invested a lot in theming of all areas.

Booster Bike rollercoaster at Toverland
Booster Bike in 2009, credits Martin Lewison

I remember visiting this park years ago, when it was just the indoor halls and Booster Bike. There was little to no theming indoor, but especially outdoor. It looked like they just planted a rollercoaster down and boom, new ride! As you can see on the picture, there was a lot of room for expansion, little did I know (fair enough, I must've been around 9 years old). As a little girl I really enjoyed visiting Toverland, Booster Bike was my favorite coaster back then. A few years later I visited again, when Troy opened. This last visit must have been around 2008 and I never thought of going back. Toverland lived on in my memories as a 'childrens theme park' with two 'okay' coasters.

Until 2023, when I finally decided to go back and see what all the fuzz was about! I kept seeing videos of Toverland on Youtube, advertisements on Facebook and heard people talking about it. Upon further investigation, Toverland appeared to be a massive theme park.. So yes, I needed to visit this park again real bad! And boy did it live up to my expectations!! Maybe even better. Literally the first thing I said upon entering the park was "This is beautiful!". Toverland is now home to a pretty good B&M Wing coaster, Fenix (this one pulls insane Gs!) and a Gerstlauer Sky Flyer inside Fenix's helix. How cool is that?! Booster Bike and Troy are still there and are now surrounded with beautiful themed areas. What I loved the most about this park, was all the quirky paths you can take. You can take the normal path, but you can also take the unconventional bridges, stepping stones, pathways along a waterfall etcetera etcetera.

Just take a look at the photos above. This is what I love about Toverland! Everything is so well thought about, perfectly executed and maintained. Even though the park only has a few bigger rides, you can easily spent a whole day here. Exploring all the pathways may even take some time! The park has a lot, and when I say a lot I mean A LOT of water works. It's just water everywhere combined with children's playgrounds (which does not mean you can't participate as an adult ;) ).

So yes, in my opinion Toverland is absolutely taking over Europe as one of the best Theme Parks! With massive plots of land around the park, they have so much space to expand in the near future. I can't wait to see what their next addition will be. The park could do with some bigger thrill coasters, maybe some Intamin Mega or a Mack Extreme Spinner to attract more coaster enthusiasts. I certainly see a very bright future for Toverland and this park is going to be bigger and better than Efteling and Phantasialand one day. There, I said it.

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